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Female Pattern Hair Loss

Female Pattern Hair Loss

Female pattern hair loss  (FPHL) is a type of hair loss that occurs in women. It is  caused by hormonal changes associated with the female reproductive cycle and affects millions of women around the world. Women can experience thinning or balding of their scalp, which can have a significant impact on their self-esteem and emotional wellbeing.

How does female pattern baldness affect my body?

Female pattern hair loss or androgenetic alopecia is a   common type of hair loss that affects women worldwide. It is a gradual condition that leads to the shrinking of hair follicles, which results in thinner and shorter individual hairs. As the condition progresses, the hair eventually ceases to grow entirely, leading to baldness.

Aside from the physical changes, female pattern baldness also has severe emotional and psychological effects. Sufferers may experience stress, anxiety, and depression, the fear of social stigmatization and even low self-esteem. Women may feel that their feminine identity is at stake, causing emotional pain and social isolation.

The progression of the condition typically includes  periods of stability followed by more rapid hair loss phases, especially if experienced at an earlier age. The stability periods can last for years or even decades, but each phase brings noticeable hair thinning and loss that can lead to embarrassment and affect a woman’s confidence.

In summary, female pattern baldness not only affects the physical appearance of the hair but also has significant emotional and psychological impacts. It’s essential to seek medical treatment and emotional support to cope with this common form of hair loss.

woman with receding hairline

Symptoms and Causes

Female pattern hair loss, also known as androgenetic alopecia, is a common type of hair loss that affects millions of women worldwide. It is characterized by a pattern of hair loss in specific areas of the scalp, resulting in thinning hair and eventually leading to baldness. The condition is caused by a variety of factors, including genetics, hormonal imbalances, and environmental factors. Understanding the symptoms and causes of female pattern hair loss is crucial for timely diagnosis and treatment of the condition. In this article, we will take a closer look at these aspects of female pattern hair loss to help you understand the condition better.
The clinical presentation of female pattern hair loss typically involves a gradual thinning of hair on the top of the head, particularly around the crown and temples. The hair may become miniaturized or finer in texture, making it difficult to style or manage. Over time, hair loss may progress to a more diffuse thinning of hair across the entire scalp. Unlike male-pattern baldness, female pattern hair loss does not typically result in a complete loss of hair but rather a visible reduction in the thickness and volume of the hair. Women may notice a widening part or a more prominent scalp as the hair becomes thinner. In some cases, hair loss may be accompanied by symptoms such as itching, burning, or tingling of the scalp.

The exact causes of female pattern hair loss are not fully understood, but it is believed to be triggered by a combination of genetic, hormonal, and environmental factors. The condition is closely linked to the levels of androgen hormones such as testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which can impact the growth cycle of hair follicles. In women, hormonal imbalances related to menstruation, pregnancy, menopause, and the use of oral contraceptives can also contribute to hair loss. Other contributing factors may include medical conditions such as metabolic syndrome, ovarian syndrome, and cicatricial alopecia, a type of hair loss caused by scarring of the scalp. A family history of hair loss or a history of hair loss in women can also increase the risk of developing female pattern hair loss.

Will I notice female pattern baldness if I don't have a center part?

female hair loss

Female pattern baldness, also  known as female pattern hair loss or androgenetic alopecia, is a common form of hair loss in women. Its onset and development can affect its visibility in individuals without a center part. In the early stages of female pattern baldness, there might be thinning in the hair texture, which can lead to a lack of volume. This hair loss typically follows a pattern that is different from male-pattern baldness. In women, the hair usually thins at the crown of the head, rather than receding from the front. When women do not have a center part, hair loss can become less visible to them, as the hair on both sides of the part can help cover up the thinning areas. However, the hair loss can still be apparent to others who notice the decrease in overall hair volume. Female pattern baldness can occur at any age, but it is more likely to develop as women age. It affects around 30% of women who are 30 years old, around 50% of women who are 50 years old, and around 70% of women who are 70 years old. Early onset of female pattern baldness can be detected by changes in hair texture and a decrease in hair volume. If you notice any signs of hair loss, it is recommended to seek medical advice to determine the cause and any potential treatment options.

Diagnosis and Tests

Diagnosing female pattern hair loss, also known as androgenetic alopecia, involves a comprehensive evaluation of an individual’s medical history, clinical presentation, and genetic factors. There are numerous medical conditions and types of hair loss that can mimic female pattern hair loss, making it imperative to undergo a complete examination to rule out potential underlying follicular or metabolic disorders. Accurate diagnosis and testing can help establish the correct treatment options and the severity of the hair loss. Blood tests can also help determine if hair loss is associated with hormonal imbalances, such as elevated levels of androgen or metabolic syndrome. In this article, we will discuss the common diagnostic tests and evaluation methods used in identifying female pattern hair loss.

Management and Treatment

Diagnosing female pattern hair loss, also known as androgenetic alopecia, involves a comprehensive evaluation of an individual’s medical history, clinical presentation, and genetic factors. There are numerous medical conditions and types of hair loss that can mimic female pattern hair loss, making it imperative to undergo a complete examination to rule out potential underlying follicular or metabolic disorders. Accurate diagnosis and testing can help establish the correct treatment options and the severity of the hair loss. Blood tests can also help determine if hair loss is associated with hormonal imbalances, such as elevated levels of androgen or metabolic syndrome. In this article, we will discuss the common diagnostic tests and evaluation methods used in identifying female pattern hair loss.

Options for Female Pattern Hair Loss

Oval Before and After - Hair Restoration
Oval Before and After - Hair Restoration

Female pattern hair loss, also known as androgenetic alopecia, is a common form of hair loss in women. Its pattern of hair loss is different from the male pattern baldness and often involves diffuse thinning over the scalp. The hair loss occurs due to shrinking hair follicles and a shortened growth phase of terminal hair.

Topical minoxidil and oral finasteride are the most studied and effective treatments for female pattern hair loss. Minoxidil is a topical medication that increases blood flow to the hair follicles, promoting hair growth. Finasteride is an oral medication that blocks the production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hormone that contributes to hair loss.

Other management and treatment options include hair transplant surgery, platelet-rich plasma therapy, and red light therapy. Hair transplant surgery involves transplanting healthy follicles from a donor area to the balding area. Platelet-rich plasma therapy involves injecting concentrated platelets into the scalp to stimulate hair growth. Red light therapy uses low-level light to stimulate the hair follicles and improve hair growth.

In conclusion, topical minoxidil and oral finasteride are the first-line treatments for female pattern hair loss. However, other management options such as hair transplants, platelet-rich plasma therapy, and red light therapy can also be effective for treating hair loss in women. Consult with a healthcare professional to determine the best treatment option for your individual needs.

Hair loss is a common  problem for women that can have a significant impact on their self-esteem and confidence. Fortunately, there are several treatment options available that can help women combat hair loss. The choice of treatment depends on the underlying cause of hair loss, health status, and other factors.

Oral contraceptives are a common first-line therapy option for women with androgenetic alopecia, a common type of hair loss caused by hormonal imbalances. They work by blocking androgen production, a hormone that contributes to hair loss. Topical minoxidil is an over-the-counter medication that can help stimulate hair growth by increasing blood flow to hair follicles. Corticosteroids and antiandrogen agents may also help by reducing inflammation and blocking androgen receptors, respectively.

Laser treatments such as low-level laser therapy (LLLT) and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections are becoming increasingly popular as alternative treatments. LLLT works by stimulating blood flow to the hair follicles, while PRP uses the patient’s own blood plasma to promote hair growth.

Hair transplants are also an effective long-term solution for hair loss. The procedure involves transferring hair follicles from one part of the scalp to another, making it an ideal option for women with significant hair loss.

In summary, women experiencing hair loss should consult their physician, who can recommend the best treatment options based on their individual needs and medical history.

Female hair fallout can occur due to various reasons, including genetics, androgenetic alopecia, autoimmune disease like alopecia areata, medications such as chemotherapy, illness, high fever or surgery, and traction alopecia caused by frequent hairstyles that pull the hair too tightly. Genetics plays a significant role in hair loss patterns, making some women more prone to thinning hair than others. Androgenetic alopecia, also known as female pattern baldness, is a type of hair loss that affects up to 50% of women by the age of 50. This condition results from the effect of the male hormone androgen on hair follicles. Autoimmune diseases can also cause hair loss, with alopecia areata resulting from the immune system attacking hair follicles. Medications such as chemotherapy can cause temporary hair loss due to their effect on hair follicles, but hair growth usually resumes once the treatment ends. Illness, high fever or surgery can also trigger hair loss, which usually resolves once the underlying cause is treated. Traction alopecia, on the other hand, is caused by repeated pulling of hair from tight hairstyles such as braids and cornrows, which damages hair follicles and leads to hair loss. In conclusion, hair loss in women can occur due to multiple reasons, and it is crucial to identify the underlying cause to guide appropriate treatment.

Hair loss is a common  problem amongst women, with androgenetic alopecia being the most prevalent type. Early intervention is essential in treating hair loss, and treatment options depend on the severity, cause, and frequency of hair loss.

The most effective hair loss treatments for women include FDA-approved medications such as minoxidil and finasteride. Both medications have shown promising results in treating androgenetic alopecia. Minoxidil helps to increase hair follicle size, elongate the anagen phase, and promote hair growth. Finasteride, on the other hand, blocks the production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is responsible for hair follicle miniaturization.

Women who do not respond to these medications may benefit from non-pharmacological adjunctive techniques. Counselling, cosmetic camouflage, and hair transplantation could benefit a subset of patients. Counseling can help women manage their hair loss concerns and improve their self-esteem. Cosmetic camouflage involves using hair extensions or hairpieces to conceal hair loss. Hair transplantation involves transplanting follicular units from the scalp to the areas of hair loss.

In conclusion, an early intervention-based approach with effective hair loss treatments could help women reverse hair loss and avoid permanent baldness. Women who experience hair loss should consult a dermatologist who can diagnose the underlying cause and recommend an appropriate treatment plan.

Addressing female hair fallout can be challenging, as it is often a result of multiple factors. Therefore, it is essential to identify the underlying cause and develop a tailored treatment plan to reduce hair loss and restore the scalp’s health. For mild cases, lifestyle modifications such as reducing stress levels, quitting smoking, eating a healthy diet, and avoiding certain hairstyles may help to prevent further hair loss . For more severe cases, pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments may be necessary to address hair loss.

For mild cases of female pattern hair loss, lifestyle modifications can be beneficial in reducing the thinning process. Taking up regular exercise and stress-reducing activities such as yoga or meditation can help to reduce stress levels, which may be contributing to hair loss. Quitting smoking has also been found to improve scalp health and promote hair regrowth. Eating a balanced diet with plenty of protein, vitamins, and minerals can nourish the scalp and strengthen existing hairs. Lastly, avoiding tight hairstyles such as braids and cornrows is essential for preventing traction alopecia.

For more severe cases of female pattern baldness, topical medications such as minoxidil or finasteride are usually recommended by dermatologists. Minoxid il is a topical solution that has been found to be effective in increasing hair follicle size, elongating the anagen phase, and promoting hair growth. Finasteride is an oral medication that blocks the production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is responsible for miniaturizing hair follicles.

In addition, there are several shampoos available that can help to reduce hair loss in women. DHT-inhibitor shampoos contain ingredients that block the action of DHT on scalp follicles, preventing further damage and promoting healthy hair growth. Look for shampoos with natural ingredients like saw palmetto, nettle root extract, and green tea extract for best results. When choosing a shampoo for female hair loss, make sure to read the label and select one that is specifically formulated for women.

In severe cases of female pattern baldness, hair transplantation may be an option. During a hair transplant procedure, a dermatologist will transplant healthy follicles from the scalp to areas of thinning or baldness. Although it is an expensive and invasive procedure, hair transplants can provide long-term results for women with severe hair loss.

Other non-pharmacological treatments for female pattern baldness include laser hair therapy and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy. Laser hair therapy involves exposing the scalp to low-level laser light, which can stimulate blood flow to the scalp and promote healthy hair growth. PRP therapy is where a patient’s own platelets are injected into their scalp in order to

The use of the AnteAge growth factors with stem cells along with the state of the art DP4 micro needling technology to aid in the absorption of topical hair growth treatments, allowing for maximum effectiveness.

The combination of the Plant based De/Rive stem cells is delivered with transdermal Jetpeel scalp infusion further enhances hair restoration results.
The program includes an FDA approved low level light therapy dome that assists in hair regrowth.

Oval Aesthetics hair restoration provides the clients with a clinical DHT inhibitor shampoo and conditioner that supports hair growth.

The ultimate synergy of these advanced proven hair rebuild techniques is achieved through Oval Aesthetics, providing clients with the most effective non – surgical hair loss prevention treatments available.


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Two wonderful women in personality and looking (yeah, they are beautiful and they know haha and I told them as well) Anyways, they are very knowledgeable, professional, and funny. We laughed so much every time I was going under laser, needle, and other procedures. I am happy with the results as my skin has a better appearance and I less acne scars than before. I highly recommend their work and clinic.Response from the ownerAwe Thanks Leandro 😊We are so happy to hear that you enjoyed your visits! We also had so much fun laughing with you too! It’s clients like you that bring out the fun in what we do and we are so happy that you’re getting great results. We look forward to seeing you when you’re back from Hawaii! Don’t forget to apply lots of sunscreen and enjoy every bit of your vacation! CarrieCarrie ★★★★★ Oval Aesthetics has been life changing for me. Ever since I was a teenager I struggled with cystic acne, which led to deeply pitted scars on my back. I came to this clinic as a last effort at trying to fix the acne and scarring. Originally I was not sure what to expect, but I decided to take the next steps and I am so glad I did. Currently, I am about halfway through my treatment plan and the difference has been so great that I have nearly cried from joy a few times. All the recommended products have also done wonders for my skin. I am looking forward to seeing the results at the end of my treatment plan. I am feeling happier, more confident and ready to stop constantly covering up my back during those hot summer days.Tara, Kenzie, and Lee have been great to work with! Super friendly and informative. I don’t feel judged like you would at most places, it’s a very welcoming atmosphere. They are all genuinely invested in watching my skin rejuvenation journey and excited along with me at the results. I adore Oval Aesthetics and recommend it to anyone seeking skincare.Response from the ownerWe deeply appreciate your kind words and support! 😊 We are genuinely excited to see you confidently share your stunning back with the world this summer. Thank you for placing your trust in the process and embracing this journey of healing. Your gratitude means the world to us. 🙏 Jenny S.Jenny S. ★★★★★ I love it here. Tara and her staff are so kind and welcoming, they make you feel so comfortable. Tara is fantastic at her job, she knows skin and gives you the best treatments for your specific needs. Amazing place, highly recommend!Response from the ownerYes I do!!! Thank you Jenny!! 🥰Thank you for being a lovely loyal client and friend for all these years!!! ❤️ JJ K.JJ K. ★★★★★ Thanks for all your TLC Tara! You really do work wonders!Response from the ownerThank you! I really appreciate the nice review 😊 Pamela E.Pamela E. ★★★★★ I have been going to Tara for over 8 years now. I trust her completely with these procedures and know her knowledge and passion are unmatched in the industry. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking these types of treatments.Response from the ownerAwe thank you Pamela 🙏 Having loyal clients like you is why I absolutely love what I do!! 😊 Look forward to seeing you again very soon!! audrey W.audrey W. ★★★★★ I really enjoyed my visit this past week at Oval Aesthetics! Tara is incredibly knowledgeable about skin. I had the carboxy and BioRe-Peel treatment and I can’t wait to do my next one! Thank you!Response from the ownerYou’re welcome Audrey! Glad we could help your skin feel great 😊 See you again soon 🙏 ColleenColleen ★★★★★ If you are looking for someone who is passionate and knowledgeable about skin care, look no further. Tara and her team are experts and offer the latest in laser technology and personalized treatments. 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She has the latest technology that is extremely effective. We came in for options for teenage acne that had not improved after nearly of year of over the counter and doctor prescribed creams. Tara’s in-office laser treatment and recommended products cleared the acne and improved the overall health of the skin in less than two months.Response from the ownerThank you so much for your kind words! We are so happy to hear that you had such a successful experience with our drug free acne treatments. It’s incredibly rewarding to see the confidence in the young people we are able to help 🙏 Cherilyn A.Cherilyn A. ★★★★★ Tara and her team are awesome people. They know what they're doing I can say that with a 1000% satisfaction. The beautiful and inviting clinic just a wonderful added bonus. I highly recommend Tara if you're looking for tidying up some unwanted hair, blemish and just overall personal care.Response from the ownerThank you Cherilyn 🙏 We appreciate your kind words. We look forward to seeing you again soon! Pranjal D.Pranjal D. ★★★★★ Response from the ownerThanks for your 5 Stars ⭐️🙏 JennyJenny ★★★★★ All I can say is wow! Lee makes you feel welcomeas soon as you walk through the door. Tara and Mackenzie have worked wonders on my skin and my self confidence. Tara used her plant-based exo/e stem cells along with her neo elite laser as part of her ultimate 5D facelift and after just one treatment I’m seeing major results! No pain, no downtime, just results. The staff there were exceptional at making me feel welcomed. I’d definitely recommend OVAL to anyone.Response from the ownerThanks Jenny! We are so glad to hear you are seeing results! We can’t wait to hear what you think when all of your treatments are completed 🙏 maria cristina R.maria cristina R. ★★★★★ Tara, Kenzie and Lee are the best!! Very welcoming, also Tara has a great knowledge and gave me treatment plans to suit my skin needs. Thank you so much!Response from the ownerThank you! You are very welcome! We are so happy you are pleased with your results! Megan R.Megan R. ★★★★★ Tara and her niece have made me feel like a new person. I had very bad skin texture and was very self-conscious when I first started my journey with the Oval team. I can say without hesitation that the before and after (my skin texture) is unbelievable. I cannot wait for my next series of treatments.Response from the ownerThank you Megan 😊 Your skin looks fantastic! We look forward to seeing you again soon! 尹昭依尹昭依 ★★★★★ Love Tara and Mackenzie and Lee for eternity… the impact of acnes had on my mental state was apocalyptic, throughout highschool the awkwardness , embarrassment, depression and anxiety caused by acnes were like prison in my mind that prevented me from doing anything. I would not go out to see anyone, and just lock myself in my room rotting away. I came across Oval through google research “the best laser clinic in Kelowna” and it was the first result. and for heavenly purposes it turned out to be the bestest sessions I ever had. They are not like doctors, but besties who you feel comfortable sharing everything to. Not just the apparent results they make, the extra patience, support, and understanding Tara was offering to me , was life-changing. I am a 18-yo girl freshly out of highschool, preparing for my film school upcoming in January. I moved to Vancouver mid-treatment attempting to prepare myself for school. But I stick with Tara and there was a lot of back and forth, very inconvenient, but that also says how much faith I have in this healing journey with Tara along by my side, her professionalism and fun personalities were able to stick me by her side.Mack is the cutest!!!!!! I love her sm she is a sunshine. I will forever miss our juicy girl talk sessions during treatment tehehe, sorry Lee if you had to hear all those juice, very nutritious !! AHHAHA.Tara really is a gem and if you are reading this comment , Woohoo!!!! virtual “congratulations” to you from me!!If you don’t want your skin to be awful, get treated by OVAL💞💞💞💞💞Response from the ownerThank you for your kind words 🙏 We are so glad you stuck with the treatment plan, despite all the travelling and that you are seeing amazing results! I just love seeing your new found confidence, and I look forward to seeing you again soon 😊 Janice H.Janice H. ★★★★★ Tara, Kenzie and Lee are the best!! I feel like I’m part of their family. Tara has a great wealth of knowledge and has customized my treatment plans to suit my skin needs. I trust her totally and have never felt better about myself and my skin.Thank you so much!! XOResponse from the ownerYou are like family! You are so very welcome! It’s always such a pleasure to have you here with us! Thank you for your kind words. Your skin looks absolutely amazing 🙏 Robin K.Robin K. ★★★★★ I started going to Oval Aesthetics upon my mom’s recommendation and am glad that I did! Clean clinic with modern technology and friendly, knowledgable staff. Tara has made a number of recommendations for me that have already begun to transform my skin (both within the clinic setting and supplements etc to take to help from the inside out). 😊Response from the ownerSo glad your skin is feeling better and we were able to help get you ready for your special day! ❤️ Have a wonderful wedding and we look forward to seeing you soon! Wendy D.Wendy D. ★★★★★ Tara and Kenzie are the best! The 5D facelift results and great. WendyResponse from the ownerThanks Wendy! We are so happy to hear you love your results! 🙏 Jolene M.Jolene M. ★★★★★ I am approaching the halfway point of treating my moderate plaque psoriasis with Tara, and the relief is palpable. There are so many treatment paths for this skin condition, I felt lost trying to navigate it on my own. Tara has provided me a comprehensive and personal treatment plan in addition to the in office laser treatment that has set me up with so many tools to carry forward in my healing journey. I’m feeling so much more comfortable in my own skin - which for me is priceless. Grateful to the kind compassionate team at Oval 💜Response from the ownerThank you Jolene 🙏 We are so happy to hear that you are getting some relief with the Neo-Elite treatments for your symptoms. We look forward to continuing to help you on your healing journey! Christopher M.Christopher M. ★★★★★ Top-notch service! Kenzie and Tara were the best. Great atmosphere feels like you’re hanging out with family.Response from the ownerThank you for the nice review 😊 Queen of F.Queen of F. ★★★★★ Oval has a beautiful location and amazing staff! 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It was progressively getting worse until I began getting the neo lazer treatment and other treatments like blue light and microdermabrasion. The neo lazer in particular has really calmed down my skin and it is not nearly as painful as it was. It has only been less than a month, but I have seen and felt amazing improvements, and Tara has seriously been a life saver! Highly recommendResponse from the ownerThank you Keely! It’s been a pleasure helping you solve this issue. I look forward to seeing continued progress and always look forward to seeing you 😊 S Van O.S Van O. ★★★★★ Tara was very warm and knowledgeable, they made you feel very comfortable and welcomed. Was happy with my service and would highly recommend!Response from the ownerThank you 😊 We look forward to seeing you when you’re back this summer! 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I had a bad fall a year ago resulting in broken veins and blood vessels on my nose. Fortunately Tara saved the day with a laser treatment and fixed me up in one sitting. I highly recommend using their services for all of your needs. Would give it a ten star if I could!Response from the ownerMy pleasure! The Neo-Elite is the Gold Standard in laser technology. I’m so glad we were able to clear that up for you 🙏 Cory F.Cory F. ★★★★★ In my late 30's I developed hair on my back which seemed to get worse as the years would pass. I tried shaving but it only seemed to come back thicker. I was starting to feel hopeless until I went for a consultation with Tara. She immediately put me at ease when explaining the procedure I would need and low and behold a few sessions later and problem solved! So impressed with Tara and her entire staff, the professionalism is unmatched and I would highly recommend Oval to everyone! Thank you Tara, self confidence is back all thanks to you. One hundred percent a 5 star experience!!Response from the ownerThank you Cory! We appreciate the kind words and are so happy you are pleased with your progress! We look forward to seeing you at your next session 🙏 Jo C.Jo C. ★★★★★ Tara and her team are absolutely amazing. Best experience ever! I haven’t felt this great in years. I cannot wait for my next appointment, I am so happy I found you! THANK YOU!!!Response from the ownerThanks Jo! We look forward to seeing you again soon too 🙏 Nathan H.Nathan H. ★★★★★ There aren't enough words in the English language for me to properly express how much I love the entire Team at Oval Aesthetics.From the moment I first stepped into the clinic, Tara and her entire team have taught me so much and have created such a loving an inclusive environment.What truly separates Oval Aesthetics is how much they truly care about me and all their patients. Whether you're seeing them for a quick fix or you have a longer journey, they are with you every step of the way, with never any added pressure.If you have any type of concern, go see Tara, Lee & Mackenzie 🙂Response from the ownerAwe ❤️ We absolutely love having you in the clinic! We look forward to seeing you again soon Nathan! Thank you for your kind words Steve and Sheila M.Steve and Sheila M. ★★★★★ Tara was extremely informative and professional. She customized her treatment plans to my skin care type. I also purchased a 5D treatment for my husband for Christmas who was skeptical but he too has enjoyed the results he has seen!Response from the ownerYou both truly look absolutely amazing! I have really enjoyed having both of you together and watching your skin journey as a couple. I look forward to seeing you both again soon 🙏 Leah M.Leah M. ★★★★★ Having laser treatments can be scary, but from the minute you walk in the door at Oval you immediately feel welcomed and that you will be well taken care of. Tara customized a treatment just for me....and the results are amazing. Can't imagine going anywhere else for skin treatments.Response from the ownerHi Leah! So glad you enjoyed your treatment! I’m so excited about the results of the DP4 and IPL combination 😊 We look forward to seeing you at your follow up visit! Melanie S.Melanie S. ★★★★★ My Son is so happy with his results for his acne,! he’s been handing Ovals business cards out to his friends at school. Here’s what he has to say.I have pretty bad acne, I play a lot of sports and i think my helmet made it worse especially on my forehead. I’m only part way through my treatments with Tara and it’s so much better!!!!! Glad my mom got me laser.treatments !Thanks Oval ❤️VannResponse from the ownerWhat a sweet review!! Thank you!! 🥰 Your skin looks amazing!!! We just love having you in and always look forward to seeing your pretty face!!! Karen L.Karen L. ★★★★★ Tara and Lee at Oval Medical Laser Aesthetics are genuine, professional and passionate about helping their clients getting the results they’re looking for. Honestly I was sceptical, but the brown age spots on my face made me feel old, so I thought I’d give it a try. Well I was so pleased to see the age spots fade, and many completely gone that I continued on with the 5D Signature facelift. I still have a couple of treatments left to do, but I notice my complexion is lighter in more even in colour and is smooth, and has more volume. I’ve also noted the skin to be tighter especially around the jaw line and neck. I would highly recommend Oval Medical Laser Aesthetics to anyone who is thinking they’d like to improve the quality and appearance of their skin.Response from the ownerThank you for your kind review 🙏 I’m so glad to hear that you’re pleased with your results so far! See you soon 😊 Monique K.Monique K. ★★★★★ Amazing results and wonderful care with Tara, I feel and look fantastic at 60!!Response from the ownerThank you ! We truly appreciate such a nice review 😊 Sheena B.Sheena B. ★★★★★ The 5D Facelift at Oval Aesthetics was amazing! I cannot express how grateful I am to have found this gem. Tara is a true professional and made me feel so comfortable throughout the entire process. I've had a few treatments already and I am already planning my next trip to Kelowna to get more! If you're looking for a non-invasive facelift treatment that delivers REAL results, look no further! Thank you, Tara and the entire team at this amazing clinic!Response from the ownerYou’re very welcome Sheena! We look forward to seeing you again at the end of April 😊 noor H.noor H. ★★★★★ Response from the ownerThanks Noor! See you at your next visit 😊 Betty K.Betty K. ★★★★★ You won't regret a 'Tara' guided rejuvenation. My skin looks fabulous. Thanks TaraResponse from the ownerThe results from your Ultimate 5D Facelift are absolutely fabulous! Thank you for your kind review we appreciate it! Looking forward to seeing you again soon 😀Tara julian P.julian P. ★★★★★ Tara takes the time to explain the laser processes and make her clients feel special. She is very knowledgeable about the skin. My wife Judy has received various treatments over several years and is very happy with the results.I have recently started treatment for psoriasis and hope to have the same results.Response from the ownerIt’s always a pleasure to see you both, I look forward to continuing your psoriasis treatments using the Neo-Elite technology and look forward to more and more clearance. Troy B.Troy B. ★★★★★ I had a wonderful experience and Tara is very good at what she does. Every appointment I enjoy and the service is superb. The Neo-clear device as well as the drug-free cleanser very much aided me in a swift clearing of my acne. This treatment made my face clearer than its been in years and I'd highly recommend to anyone who has had problems with acne, acne scars or any Aesthetics issues. at first, I didn't know what to expect but the calm nature of the office with a pleasant staff put my worries at ease. Thank you so much Tara!!!!!!Response from the ownerYou're very welcome, Troy! Here at Oval, our goal is to help anyone with their skin concerns, including acne. Your skin is looking great 🙂 Alexandra B.Alexandra B. ★★★★★ It is always a pleasure to learn about my skin from the team and receive care for extremely sensitive skin!Response from the ownerThank you Alexandra it’s always a pleasure having you in the clinic 🙏We look forward to seeing you at your next visit 😊 April B.April B. ★★★★★ Love, love, love Tara and Lee!! I met with Tara in the summer to discuss some of my skin concerns. She was so welcoming and extremely knowledgeable. I'm so happy I decided to try her 5D facelift. My results were noticeable after my first treatment and continue to improve weekly. I've also had a treatment with the Neo Elite laser and the results on repairing my broken vessels around my nose were amazing. I highly recommend anyone looking for something new and innovative in skin care to visit Tara at Oval. You won't be disappointed.Response from the ownerThank you April! You’re skin looks fantastic 😊 Look forward to seeing you at your next visit 🙏 sue N.sue N. ★★★★★ I went to Oval Medical Laser Aesthetics to have two sun damaged spots removed. I was so impressed with Tara’s knowledge and professionalism. She made me feel completely at ease and did not make me feel pressured at all. After only two treatment there was a noticeable difference and friends started commenting on how great my skin looked. With that encouragement I chose to carry on with Tara’s signature 5D treatment plan.Response from the ownerIt’s been a pleasure to help you along on your skin journey! I hope you have an amazing trip and we can’t wait to see you when you get back 😊 mackenzie G.mackenzie G. ★★★★★ Beautiful clinic!! The staff are great, very inviting and friendly. I’ve only had one treatment but my skin has already improved just one week later! I’d definitely recommend coming here.Response from the ownerThank you for the kind review Mackenzie 😊 Kane B.Kane B. ★★★★★ Tara and her team are excellent - period. So many people helped and so much good towards peoples self esteem. I recommend to anyone struggling to talk to Tara and see what they can do for you!Response from the ownerAwe!! Thank you Kane! 🙏We love what we do!! 😊 js_loader

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